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Welcome to Hilaturas LM, where passion for yarns and threads intertwines with excellence! With over five decades in the heart of the textile industry, we've woven a story that spans from manufacturing industrial yarns to our passionate leap into the world of knitting yarns in 2007.

Our facilities in Barberá del Vallés (Barcelona) are the hub of creativity and quality. Every detail, from winding to balling, is executed with an unwavering focus on perfection. The result is a catalog of top-notch products that reflects our commitment to excellence.

What sets us apart is our steadfast commitment to local and sustainable production. We proudly manufacture over 80% of our products in-house, without relying on lower-quality yarns imported from other countries. Moreover, we have a dedicated team of creatives designing exclusive patterns for our magazine, inspiring our professional customers.

Our philosophy is simple yet powerful: to use the finest raw materials. Our COTTON NATURE cottons are acclaimed for their quality, as are those in the ECO line. We always prioritize DRALON acrylics and, when possible, recycled materials to care for our beloved planet.

We offer a wide range of yarns to meet the needs of any project. From crafting accessories like bags, macramé, rugs, and curtains to knitting sweaters, shawls, hats, scarves, and much more. We also provide yarn cones, such as the versatile Berta, perfect for projects with a Tufting Gun, along with the ever-popular Cotton Nature line and other beautiful designs that we continuously develop.

Today, we reach businesses and companies in Spain, Portugal, and the United States through our efficient distribution network. We value speedy delivery, unrivaled quality, and innovative design, and best of all, we don't impose large minimum order quantities.

Our customers are diverse, ranging from yarn stores and haberdasheries to artisans and small clothing manufacturers. Most importantly, regardless of your order size, we ship from as little as 1 bag or 1 cone!

So, if you want to learn more about us or have any questions, don't hesitate to contact us. We're available at or through the phone numbers 937180413 or WhatsApp 636630844. We're here to elevate the magic of your knitting projects to the next level. Join us and let every strand count!

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